domenica 27 ottobre 2013

Doctor's small diorama

Doctor Who is a very popular TV show in United Kingdom, where it was on air since 1963. Being on screen till recent days, together with Star Trek, it is considered one of the oldest sci-fi show in television's history, with several famous actors who played the doctor himself and tens of characters that have become famous. Doctor, is a space-time traveller, often called to rescue people and worlds especially when the ordinary space time continuum is threatened. His starship/time machine, called TARDIS, looks like an old police telephone box, though inside is bigger than outside.

In the pics above and below, I tried to render the 11th doctor together with his last "companion" Clara, and of course the TARDIS.

I've done the telephone box walls in styrene and then moulded them in resin, finishing it with electrical wires for smaller details, so that I'm able to build a new one if I will decide to work on a new doctor's diorama in the future.

Originally the two guys were figures of a "saluting" family for H0 railway models.  Their clothes and hair dresses were in '50 style so I needed to work a bit on both of them. Somehow I needed to make Clara's skirt shorter and needed to totally change her hairs. Also removed the old bag and made her use a modern shoulder bag. Finally I changed her small shoes making her wearing low boots. Male figure needed few changes in hair and mostly needed to remove the cap. I have added a bow tie, as the doctor says: "bow tie is cool"!

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